Where can I find my booking confirmation?

Only the website where you made your reservation will have access to the booking information. Normally, this will be with an external website (for example, Booking.com or Expedia), and not directly with FindHotel. There are two ways to try and retrieve your booking:

  1. The first is by email, as all the suppliers we work with send instant email confirmation to the email address you provided upon booking. If the booking confirmation is not found in your inbox, try checking your spam folder, as it might have found its way there by mistake.
  2. A second method is to contact the supplier through which you have made the reservation and ask them to send you the confirmation again. In addition, you could also review the payment method (mostly credit cards) that was used in the booking. Following the supplier name mentioned on your credit card statement, you could contact the support center of the supplier and retrieve your booking details.

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