What do "non-refundable", "free cancellation" and "pay later" room tags mean?


For rooms that are labeled "non-refundable" you cannot get a refund in case of cancellation or changes in your booking. You will be charged a cancellation fee that is specified in the room conditions.

Free cancellation

For rooms labelled as “free cancellation” you are able to cancel or change your booking free of charge, if done within the time period specified by the hotel. Most of the hotels will have this written in the room conditions which will normally be available when you make your reservation, and should also be in your email confirmation

Pay later

For rooms labelled as "pay later" you do not have to pay for you room when you make the booking, instead you pay some time later. Normally this means you will pay directly at the hotel when you arrive, but sometimes you will pay later at a specific date (for example, 1 week before you are due to arrive). This information will normally be available when you make your reservation.

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